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Industrial Microscopes
FPD/LSI Inspection Microscopes ECLIPSE L200 Series
ID:Nikon L200N/L200LD

Semiconductor LSI/FPD inspection microscope

- High brightness reflected transmission lighting


- High-magnification high-resolution sample observation


- Motorizing system

  • Application
  • Specifications


Semiconductor LSI, FPD inspection large microscope


Enhanced observational performance, environmental responsiveness, and compatibility


Line-up configuration with four types optimized for FPD/LSI inspection







Microscope Stage



 L200N / 200ND Stage


- Distance: 200 x 200mm (8" x 8")

(6 inch / 8 inch wafer)




 L300N / 300ND Stage


- Distance: 350 x 300mm (14" x 12")

(12-inch wafer-compatible)









Objective: CFI60-2



- High NA and long operating distance


- Various lenses of 1x, 2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, 150x


- Improvement of chromatic aberration correction









Improving environmental response and operability





High brightness 12V50W halogen lighting with brightness over 12V100W


- Uses approximately 1/2 of the power consumption compared to 12V100W and achieves an equal brightness


- Free centering lamphouse adoption makes lamp replacement easy


- Back mirror mounted on lamphouse, achieving more than 20% brightness compared to 12V100W lighting


- Prevents un-focus ingress by heat




Electric revolver nosepiece for three times the durability of conventional

- Can be equipped with 6 objectives


- Three centering correction mechanisms are installed


- In combination with an eccentric objective

Low magnification to high magnification switch ing centering error is small, making it easy to use


- The light is automatically turned off during the scale switch, protecting the worker's vision due to scattered light



Anti-static coating resistant to contamination


- Anti-static coating for body, stage, hard pain, etc.


- Strengthening pollution measures


- Prevents sample damage due to static electricity


3 eye heads tilting formulations that can be observed at optimum eye level


- Ultra wide field of view type of 25mm, tilting angle 30º


- Adjust the Eye-Level to fit the operator's height for comfortable observation







Positioning the stage differential handle


- Regardless of the sample observation position, the differential handle position can be adjusted without changing, making operation easy


- All the operating unit positions are close, making it easy to focus and move the stage. 






Built-in Focus-Target for easy focus


By inserting the Focus-Target into the optical field, you can quickly and easily focus on samples that do not have patterns such as bear wafers.




Place the control unit in the center of the front of the body


- All operations such as stage handles, focus handles, and scale-switch buttons are placed on the front of the microscope


- Design design minimizes operator fatigue during long-term use







Support for a variety of observations






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