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Measuring Microscopes
Measuring Microscope MM200
ID:Nikon MM200

Tool microscope with high-quality performance for ultra-small bodies that are not subject to any restrictions

Nikon's new MM200 measuring microscope is compact and lightweight

We adopt ultra-small body that is not constrained in place.

To measure a wide variety of samples in all industries,

Precision and accuracy are offered at affordable prices.

Two models of visual and video types.

Designed and manufactured with both inspection and measurement engineers in mind.

  • Application
  • Specifications

Small, lightweight, accurate and easy-to-operate 2D measurement microscope




Compact, space-saving Body


- Footprint 420 x 297 mm space-saving design

- Product weight 40kg


All-in-one stage


- Easy to install and reduced Footprint by approximately 50% compared to the base model


A wide range of lighting devices and high-brightness white LED light sources


- Adopting a white LED light source that does not require any maintenance costs

- 8-split LED Ring light to improve edge part detection sensitivity


Anti-contamination design


- Built-in stage drive to prevent contamination by external environment








E-MAX data processing software









Digital image measurement is realized by the combination of new video head and E-MAX program


- Navigation function for repeated measurement


- Easy editing and control with a variety of measurement recipes


- Automatic color detection with high precision


- Powerful reporting


8 Split LED Light Source









8-split LED ring lighting


- Resin molding products that are difficult to observe with normal coaxial lighting

Easy to detect edge


- Incident angle 30 degrees 8 split on/off method


- For measuring-only objectives 1x, 3x, 5x, 10x

Data Processing Unit (DP-E1)












 A wide range of functions and easy-to-use data processor units


- Improve work efficiency with counter-integrated


- 320 x 240 pixels of LCD LCD adoption


- Easy-to-use measurement button


- Measuring recipes can be registered


- Store data on a USB memory




Optical Head

MM-200 Monocular Optical Head or C-mount Video Head for MM-200

XYZ Stroke

50mm x 50mm X 110mm

Stage accuracy

2.5 + L/50 um (with LEC), 3 + L/50 um  (L = Measurement Length in mm)

Scale resolution

0.01 / 0.1 (default) / 1/10 um

Max. loading weight

2kg for Guaranteed Accuracy / 5kg for Operation

Magnification accuracy


 Objective lenses (W.D)

Standard: 3x (75.5mm) Optional 1x (79mm), 5x (64mm), 10x (48mm)

Light sources

Standard: Diascopic/Episcopic (White LED), Optional: 8-Segmented Ring Light (White LED)

Dimension & Weight

316 x 455 x 533 (W x D x H), 40kg

Input voltage range

100 - 240 V (Max. 1.8 A)


Measuring Microscope MM400

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Measuring Microscope MM800

ID: Nikon MM800
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