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Stereo Microscope
Stereo Microscope Zoom SMZ1270/1270i
ID:Nikon SMZ1270/1270i

A real microscope developed to improve higher magnification and work efficiency

The zoom ratio of 12.7:1 and the lens of the Apo class in parallel light optical type are

The built-in SMZ1270 is suitable for industrial and biomedical applications.


With a medium tube or a combination of a three-head,

Observation is possible.

  • Application
  • Specifications


The parallel light type boasts a zoom ratio of 12.7 to 1.


The SMZ1270 is a parallel light type with a zoom ratio of 12.7:1.

The zoom area ranges from 0.63 times to 8 times, and the zoom body has a built-in Apo-class lens.


Two objective lenses can be fitted with a nosepiece, and the camera can also be fitted by selecting binoculars and three-cylinders.


It supports an OCC illuminator stand based on LED and can be equipped with fluorescent devices to use up to four filters.


You can use NIS or Local S/W to capture and analyze images.






Key specifications



Scale range

0.63x to 8x (operating position: 0.63/1/2/3/4/6/8x)

Available comprehensive magnification

3.15x to 480x (with eyepiece and auxiliary objectives)

(When equipped with coaxial lighting: 15 to 540x)

Operating distance

70mm (with Plan Apo 1x/WF)

Auxiliary objective lens

 Plan Apo 0.5x/WF

 Plan Apo 0.75x/WF 

 Plan Apo 1x/WF 

 ED Plan 1.5x/WF 

 ED Plan 2x/WF




High-magnification zoom




The SMZ1270 achieves a high NA with high magnification magnification from 0.63x to 8x, enabling more precise observation images.



Chromatic aberration correction of zoom body optics




Apochoromat optics to compensate for chromatic aberration are adopted in the zoom body.


Provides a clear observation image without color smearing on the outline of the sample.






Rich new and developed lens






  - The SMZ1270 is richly lined up with objective lenses with different magnification and operating distances.


- Boasting high NA and high resolution, the Plan Apo WF objective series boasts excellent chromatic aberration correction.


You can acquire images without bright and light smearing to the corners of the wide field of view.


- A new 0.75 x objective has been added to increase the choice of magnification and operating distance when configuring the machine.









Easy objective exchange and vertical observation


The use of the revolver makes the exchange of objectives easier. In addition, because vertical observation is possible, it is possible to observe and photograph the bottom of the hole,


Accurate simple measurement and the acquisition of all-focus image without turning









Ultra-high-brightness LED lighting - NI60


- Ultra-high-brightness LED for high brightness

- Touch switch operation on/off the product

- Split lighting mode available








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