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Stereo Microscope
Stereo Microscope Zoom SMZ18/25
ID:Nikon SMZ18/25

High-end reality microscope with the world's best zoom magnification

- World's highest zoom multiplier (18:1/25:1)


- Working distance 60mm


- Supports a variety of motorizing functions


- When equipped with optional lenses (3.15x to 945x)

  • Application
  • Specifications


Supports the world's best zoom ratio.


Nikon's SMZ25 has a zoom ratio of 25:1, which is the highest zoom ratio of any existing entity microscope.

A new reality microscope with "maximum zoom ratio", "high resolution force" and "bright fluorescent image" has been developed.


The wide field of view and the fine structure are also capable of observing the maritime force and can respond to a wide range of requirements.


You can use NIS or Local S/W to capture and analyze images.






Key specifications






Scale range

0.75x to 13.5x

0.63x to 15.75x

Available comprehensive magnification

3.75x to 810x

(When equipped with eyepiece and auxiliary objective)

3.15x to 945x

(When equipped with eyepiece and auxiliary objective)

Operating distance

60mm (with P2-SHR Plan Apo 1x)

Auxiliary objective lens

P2-SHR Plan Apo 0.5x (Operating distance: 71mm)

P2-SHR Plan Apo 1x (Operating distance: 60mm) 

P2-SHR Plan Apo 1.6x (Operating distance: 30mm) 

P2-SHR Plan Apo 2x (Operating distance: 20mm) 




World's highest zoom ratio, high resolution, dynamic zoom ratio 25:1




The innovative optical system achieved the world's first zoom ratio of 25:1.

Even when using a single-lens 1x objective, it delivers clear images from 35mm to complex structures.





Industry-leading lenses that push the boundaries,

Overwhelming maritime force beyond the limits of the substantive microscope





The newly developed high-performance objective [SHR Plan Apo series]

We realized high resolution power of 1100 lp/mm (real size, SHR Plan Apo 2x use) when We expanded to the maximum.


Even when using a low-magnification objective lens, bright observation around the field of view

with a clear contour with no color smear, and a clear observation image.

it is available.











Auto Link Zoom supports seamless observation





When converting objectives, the zoom is automatically scaled to maintain the current viewing field.

It can be used by identifying the overall shape at a low magnification and zooming in to a wider magnification range through the exchange of objectives for detailed observations at high magnifications.

(30x eyepiece, 9.45x to 945x)













Excellent S/N ratio provides a distinct fluorescent image






Due to the newly developed optical system, the S/N ratio has been dramatically improved during high-magnification fluorescence observations.


In previous real microscopes, it is possible to observe the appearance of cell division, which was difficult to observe, or weak fluorescence.


* S/N ratio: Signal to Noise ratio, noise ratio versus signal)






























The optical performance of the zoom body is greatly improved


By increasing the short-wavelength area transmission rate and employing low-fluorescence materials on the lens of the zoom body, we have succeeded in improving signal and reducing noise.

It is configured with a fluorescent lighting device and boasts significantly improved detection capability than previous microscopes.











Occ lighting with simple operation


Occ lighting (sandlit lighting of Nikon's proprietary technology) is built-in for slim LED transmission base,

Transparent sample patterns such as glass substrates and films, scratches, and irregularities on the surface of the Danio reio embryocan are observed by emphasizing contrast.








Ultra-high-brightness LED lighting - NI60


- Ultra-high-brightness LED for high brightness

- Touch switch operation on/off the product

- Split lighting mode available






Stereo Microscope Zoom SMZ1270/1270i

ID: Nikon SMZ1270/1270i

Stereo Microscope Zoom SMZ745

ID: Nikon SMZ745

Stereo Microscope Zoom SMZ445

ID: Nikon SMZ445

Stereo Microscope Zoom SMZ745T

ID: Nikon SMZ745T

Stereo Microscope Zoom SMZ800

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